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Always happy to have his photo taken with the HassyPB, Nick Orloff
From what I can tell, its well made, it feels solid in my hands and connects easily & snugly to my Hasselblad 503CX, Nick Orloff
10 Apr 2024
A great stories for Kiev88, HassyPBii ** Specially made only one in the world
A few days ago I got this messages from WhatsApp, March 21, 2024] this channel I opened for new contacts friends
21 Mar 2024
The normal focal length is the 100mm which is known as an interesting pair of Hasselblad lenses.
The lenses mentioned are two of these the : F,FE 110mm F2 lens and C CT* CFi CF 100mm F3.5 lens.
22 Feb 2024
What’s the different between Hasselblad 500 vs 503 V series?
” A new type of camera, A top-quality, portable camera, A camera that would fit in his hand” [Victor Hasselblad had very small hands]
8 Jan 2024
HassyPB Limited Edition
The HassyPB Limited Edition Stories
8 Jan 2024
HassyPBiii Hasselblad instant film back
HassyPBiii Hasselblad instant film back for Hasselblad camera ** World first for 500EL motorized series
6 Dec 2023
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