HassyPBiii Hasselblad instant film back

Last updated: 8 Jan 2024
HassyPBiii Hasselblad instant film back

Me and team working very hard in the past few years to try to fix out the shifting focus distance
Finally we had found it!!
Then we put this best result into the late model, HassyPBiii
The HassyPB was improved to new premium quality with many world first in this version 3,
Such as for the 500EL motorized and all 500 V series
Team's philosophy working, we are not just looking forward in improving
but also looking backward to friends who had been supported the HassyPBi, HassyPBii and never left us behind
When some of weakness on the PBi and PBii now are fixed, so everyone must be getting the same benefit in return
For friends who owned the PBi PBii and need to get another new HassPBiii please let us know,
You'll getting the best offer
This new version will be available
Every friends, who have read this messages, please convey this improvement news to our friends, who had owned the HassyPB previous models to be upgrade to the Version 3 would be much appreciate
Lots of friends may be loved and now familiar with the PB previous models, PBi PBii and don't want to be change or upgrade it,
I'm so glad to hear this,
however, friends who maybe want easier or better to correct focus may be need this offer,
So this is an optional please see all details below

Notes 1 ** Send the PB back to Thailand for upgrade
** The PBi can be upgrade to PBii ( PBi noticeable w/o optical glass in front of the focal plane)
** The PBi can be upgrade to PBiii ( PBi noticeable w/o optical glass in front of the focal plane)
** The PBii can be upgrade to PBiii ejects instant upward ( PBii noticeable with optical glass in front of the focal plane)
** focus and shoot without shifting focus please add US$120 + US$40 for returned shipping for the upgraded

Notes 2**
*** Don't want to upgrade from PBii to PBiii**
But just want focus and shoot without shifting distance focus please add + US$30 for shipping cost, We will shipping you the the focusing screen spacer ** free screen spacer
*** Or if you are engineer, 3D printed skilled or you may have friends, you can make the square format frame * the same standard focusing screensize to make the focusing screen spacer by your own would be great, please specify frame thickness for 2.4 mm **
*** The PBi can't be use the focusing screen spacer because the screen supportonly work with the optical glass to correcting focus point
*** So sorry the Hasselblad 500c, 500El early model that doesn't removable the focusing screen so the HassyPBiii doesn't support none shifting focus but can be use as shifting focus compensation, the user instruction included when purchase

For more inquiry and infos please contact me
WhatsApp +66825669562

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