The normal focal length is the 100mm which is known as an interesting pair of Hasselblad lenses.

Last updated: 22 Feb 2024
The normal focal length is the 100mm which is known as an interesting pair of Hasselblad lenses.

The Hasselblad normal lenses.

The normal focal length is the 100mm which is known as an interesting pair of Hasselblad lenses.

The lenses mentioned are two of these the : F,FE 110mm F2 lens and C CT* CFi CF 100mm F3.5 lens.

(Actually, there are 2 models of 110mm f2 lenses (60mm equivalent to 135mm format): F series and FE series.

The F series lenses are designed for the 2000 body series mechanical cameras. There is some electrical system.

Only batteries are used to operate the shutter speeds. The shutter curtains system opens and closes to let the light go through, designed to be in front of the film plane. This is the origin of the letters "F- Focal plane" such as 2000fc 2000fcm 2000fcw 2003fcw, etc. and the camera has a maximum speed of 1/2000s.

This is also the origin of the name 2000 series.

As for the name of the FE lens family, the lens has an electrical internal contact to connect the lens and camera to work at full efficiency with the electrical display system. For 200 series cameras such as 202FA 203FE 205Tcc 205Fcc etc. *** [201F is a half-breed camera between the 200 and 2000 cameras. Whether it's electric, it's not a full system. Even though it is a mechanical camera, there is an electrical system that controls some functions within the camera).

The lenses for the 500 series cameras. The normal lens is 100mm f3.5 (55mm equivalent to 135mm format).

There are several models available, including Planar C 100mm f3.5, Opton C 100mm f3.5, Planar C 100mm f3.5 T*, CF 100mm f3. .5, CFi 100mm f3.5, the last model before discontinued.

Hasselblad designed these 2 lenses, 100mm, 110mm, for photographers or serious users who don't want to carry many lenses on their traveling.

By carrying only one lens just the best lens is enough. Able to take good shots in all lighting conditions and most importantly moment, especially people.

And this is the character of these 2 lenses or 2 prime lenses. For my personally, I use both the 100mm F3.5 for my Hasselblad 500 Series.

The 110mm F2 is the lens that I use with the 200 and 2000 series cameras as well.

I can say that both are great. So it's hard to pinpoint exactly which one is the best. It's like you have to decide between the left hand and the right hand, which one is the best? I do recommended if you don't have any financial problems, please grab both.

Let's take closer look at the characteristics of each lens first.

If one lens is necessary to choose.


The Planar 100mm f3.5 lens (55mm equiv. to 35mm ) has many models such as Planar C 100mm f3.5, Opton C 100mm f3.5, Planar C 100mm f3.5 T*, CF 100mm f3.5 T*, CFi 100mm. f3.5 T* (The one used for comparison sample photos is CF 100mm f3.5 T*)

1. From my experienced, the 100 mm lens shows slightly better sharpness in images or image files than the 110 mm lens when the f-stop is wide open, but at F4 the sharpness level is similar.

2. The second-hand price on the market is half of a 110 mm lens, and it's much easier to find out to get it yours.

3. The dimensions of the image are very good, great for taking people.

4. Can be used with 500 body series, 200 series, and 2000 series also with various bodies than 110mm lens

** The Planar 110mm f2 lens (60mm equiv. to 35mm ) has 2 models: Planar F 110mm T* f2 and Planar FE 110mm T* f2 lens

1. From my experience, the 110 mm lens when viewed through the Acute Matt focusing screen is the same as the 100 lens. It is clearer, more comfortable and easy to focus than the 100 mm lens.

2. The second-hand price on the market is bubble when compared to the 100mm lens, also very difficult to find.

3. The image dimensions are very good, suitable for photographing people, just like the 100mm lens.

4. Shallow Depth of Field is more exciting than the 100mm lens.

5. Can be used with 200 series and 2000 series cameras. ***The F and FE lens cannot be used with 500 body series.

But this is may be never reveal experiences ** (If you try to use this lens or F, FE lens with 500 body series which do not have a shutter speeds on the lens,

Its can be used because of the same lens mount. However the lens can set the F-numbers by stopping the lens diaphragms down, in case you want to set the f-number yourself, but can only use in Mode B or B Bulb shutter mode and shoot Long exposure with tripod and cable release shutter only)

No matter what lenses we use, Hasselblad provides us many great lenses for taking greatest photos in every lighting condition or opportunity.

Therefore, it would be great if all of us bring these 2 prime lens 2 lens to take a great shot besides lying in a moisture-proof cabinet.

Because person that we beloved should get the best photos taken by you and you are their beloved as well.

John K.

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