HassyPB Limited Edition

Last updated: 9 Jan 2024
HassyPB Limited Edition

Getting started to made or created the Polaroid or instant film magazine back for Hasselblad cameras is not easy task.
Because it takes time to study, research for information and the possibility of making it.
And another very important thing is capital funds to invests
What I was able to do for the first time was In addition to researching and finding information until being confident that it can actually be produced, then raising funds from friends. which are from all 30 close friends in order to create the first prototype first,
I call this model Limited Edition produce this amount for friends. There were only 30 of them that participated first.
Once the production amount was reached, they were not produced again. (Using parts from Fuji SQ6)
The material used in the first prototype of HassyPB was 3D printed, which was obtained from photographic experiments and evaluation of durability in use. or other components, the frame is unlikely to be strong or long-lasting because it is a plastic piece.
I consult with my young people, the engineering team and there is the same opinion that It should be made of metal for strength, durability and a longer lifespan. Production steps that go through forming, preventing light leakage into the instant backs. ejecting paper downward, the white bar is on the top thread.
Because I want users that use prism viewfinders compatible and convenient to use with this PB back.
All tests It took many months to put it into the back. And the cameras that can be used with this limited edition are the 500, 200, 2000 series.
The effective f-stops are 16, 22, and 32. Anything lower than this requires hyper focal focus adjustment or focus shift to match the depth of field on the film plane.
The method is to increase or double the focus distance. of the focusable distance of film or digital,
For example, the distance in which focused 1 meter or 3 feet, the actual shooting distance must be compensated by +1 meter to 2 meters, etc.
This calculation formula can be used with 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 110mm lenses. Other focal length lenses must reduce or increase the distance just a little.

*** Limited edition, only 30 units made
*** Delivered to friends in May 4, 2021, at the Nine shopping center, Rama 9 road
*** Its all Matt black, no other colors. The material is steel made, shares structure or parts with Fuji SQ6 (discontinued in 2021)
*** There is no optical glass in front of the focal plane.
*** Use 6x6 instax square film.

*** HassyPB Limited Edition is no longer available. Because it is a prototype that can actually be used. But there are still many things that need to be improved based on user experience suggestions or new know-hows that we discover after release the PB I limited edition. Various additional information that we receive. will be developed in the generations, HassyPB mark 2 and HassyPB mark 3

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Always happy to have his photo taken with the HassyPB, Nick Orloff
From what I can tell, its well made, it feels solid in my hands and connects easily & snugly to my Hasselblad 503CX, Nick Orloff
10 Apr 2024
A great stories for Kiev88, HassyPBii ** Specially made only one in the world
A few days ago I got this messages from WhatsApp, March 21, 2024] this channel I opened for new contacts friends
21 Mar 2024
The normal focal length is the 100mm which is known as an interesting pair of Hasselblad lenses.
The lenses mentioned are two of these the : F,FE 110mm F2 lens and C CT* CFi CF 100mm F3.5 lens.
22 Feb 2024
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