The HassyPB Instant Film back. Hand crafted for your Hasselblad V System.

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Victor Hasselblad dedicated his life to making a great medium format camera known as the Hasselblad. He shared this photography tool not only for himself but for all of us.
His passion has inspired me, Yongyut John Khasawong, to create for you, the HassyPB.

My Passion With The Hasselblad

The HPB Stories

“Fresh in my memory from a few years ago, I had 2 last sheets of the Fuji FP3000B left in my Hasselblad Polaroid film back.
I shot my beloved friend, but unfortunately the instant photos were indistinct and faded out.
In that moment, I saw her face and thought to myself, it is now that I have to create something.  
The HassyPB is my passion project dedicated to my great memories. The instant photos for Hasselblad must come back again.
I’ll make it for myself, for my friends, and for you. Here are where the stories begin!!"
- Yongyut John Khasawong

John and his team founded the instant film photo project for the Hasselblad cameras in January 14, 2022.
- HassyPB -

History of hasselblad

The beginnings of the Hasselblad camera line are found in the aerial ROSS HK-7. Although not Hasselblad’s first consumer camera, the HK-7 was the kick starter that Victor needed in order to open up his company’s first production space under the name Ross AB, which later led to the Hasselblad we know today.
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