HASSELBLAD instant film magazine, HassyPB

Premium crafted for Hasselblad V System.

Classic Black 

Premium Classic Chrome Matt Black $395]

Matt Black

   Premium All Matt Black   [$435]

Classic Orange

Premium Classic Chrome Orange Black [$395]

Orange Black

Premium Orange Matt Black. [$435]

Andaman Pearl

       White Andaman Pearl        [$480]

Collector's choice

White Andaman Pearl

10 Units made **only 8 items left

$480.- [17,400THB]

Named by Dan Rubin **

Classic Chrome Matt Black

Premium crafted for all Hasselblad bodies

$395.- [14,500 THB]

All camera bodies we can fix

Fix your 200 500 500ELxx SWC Bodies

Fix your 200 Camera bodies

Request quote for overhaul or fix your 200 camera bodies, Leatherette replacement, Cleaning lens, CLA your film back, Body base plate, Side body plate etc

All lenses we can fixed

Fix & CLA your lenses & Accessories

Request quote for overhaul your Hasselblad CLA, lenses, Clean Lubricate and Adjustment, starting from $50

Premium quality to creativity beyond

Premium Quality Made

Whats new on the HassyPB mark 3

1, Steel Carbon/Aluminum made to make the PB backs more stronger and durable than other material [Testes and proved]

2, Ejects instant upward with motorized [To anti stain on instant photos and for smoother ejection] Instant white bar is underneath**

3, Smooth attachment to the Hasselblad bodies with ergonomic design, unify, sleek, nice, elegant looks and functionality also come with cool package design

4, Prevents light leaking into the instant film more effectively when shooting in sunny or open shade, much better than the previous models

5, Prevents removing the dark slide off from the PBiii back with safety lock, when you carelessly or accidentally pull it out

6, On-Off power button to save the energy and to prevents the batteries leakage.

7, All of these are in affordable price for friends to create and inspire beyond

** Screen spacer compatible with 500cm 501c 501cm 503cx 503cxi 503cw 2000fc 2000fcm 2000fcw 2003fcw and 201F models, with all 500ELxx motorized series ** another world first

** [The 500c 500EL or 200 camera series bodies doesn't practical with focusing screen spacer]

** Accept prism finders, PM45, PME45, PME51, PME3, PM45, PME45 blue line [Excluded the PM90/PME90 and NC2] [Fast attachment or remove to ejecting the instant]

** Available in 2 colors, 4 design

** With film counter window, with dark slide holder ** another world first

** With dark slide removal protection [Cant remove dark slide off when the PBiii unmounted with cameras bodies ** Another world first for Hasselblad by HassyPB

* Supported all instax square types only

* Two pieces CR2 3V battery type required but is not supplied for overseas shipment/airlines safety policy


is NOT Recommended

** It's not smooth current, so will cause the instant photos ejection stuck

Energizer, Varta, Panasonic are recommended

* Weight : Approximately 560g

** Does not support H series yet

* The SWC or 900 series, ArcBody, FlexBody please support new model at KickStarter project in 2024-2025

Tips for using screen spacer with #hassyPBii and #hassypbiii.

1. Shooting outdoors or in harsh light conditions "There is no need" to use a spacer.

Focus can be done at any distance to infinity.

The recommended F-tops are F8, F11, F16, F22.

Adjust the f-numbers according to the light conditions that may be more stronger or less.

2. Shooting beneath the shade, shelter, under the tress, in a room or restaurant, etc.

In these low light conditions. "Recommended to use the Spacer".

Recommended f-stops are F2.8 F4 F5.6. the focus distance from closest point of each lens - approximately 5 meters, the focus doesn't reach infinity. For food photography, half portrait body. Lovely or your toys, etc.

*** If you are no spacer or inconvenient to install it, [Or you use the PBii or PBiii back with 500c or 500EL model]


Every actual focused distance + 50cm or 1 feet and half to correct the focus

 Can focus from the closest. up to infinity, can be used all F-stops

*** There is no need to keep the spacer on the camera all the time. Keep it the front cover storage plate

*** Not using, remove the batteries and turn the switch off.

HassyPBiii sample photos

Carl Zeiss Planar CFE 80mm F2.8

Hasselblad 503cw, Victory Tischler-Blue

Planar CF 80mm F2.8

Hasselblad 503CX, Nick Orloff

Carl Zeiss Planar F 80mm F2.8

Hasselblad 2000FCM, John K.

Premium quality to creativity beyond

Premium & Unique fit Hassy's taste

HassyPB made from works passionate and experienced with the Hasselblads

to let everyone feel and touch the PBiii with familiarity of the best camera

1, Steel carbon/aluminum make the HassyPB backs strong and durable than 3D printed 

2, Attachment to the Hasselblad cameras must be smooth unify, beautiful, elegant looks and functional

3, HassyPB light leaking Prevents into the instant film more effectively

on a sunny day or open shade, much better than others

4, Prevents removing the dark slide off from the PBiii back, when you carelessly or accidentally pull it out

5, On-Off power button to save the energy and to prevents the batteries leakage.

6, Sleek beautiful design, nice shape, to fit owned Hasselblad tasteful, nice storage box or package designed

7 All of these are in affordable price for friends to own for create and inspire beyond

HassyPB stories begins

Me and teams founded the HassyPB Instant film magazine project for Hasselblad cameras in January 14, 2021

Where is the stories begins

It's my reminder a few years ago [2019] when I had the last 2 sheets of Fuji FP3200B left in my Hasselblad Polaroid film back,

I had shot my beloved for 48 years friend, unfortunately the instant photos that I got were indistinct and fade out,

I can see her face so much happy with it even though that is an imperfect instant photo,

I think to myself, it's may be the right time that I have to do something with the Hasselblad instant back after the Fuji instant films discontinued

Actually the Hasselblad is my passionate, my works and my great memories since analog era [before year 2000]

I use the Fuji FP100C instant film for testing shot, lighting or composition check, before shooting on the color or color reversal films then

When the digital backs era comes [2000] everything had been changed forever

However, the the instant photos can't be replaced the best films and great digital,

but its unique and extraordinary that films and digital can't be offered, Its instant photos!

Now is the time that instant photos must be come back to convey happiness by given away again

I'll make it for myself, for my friends, for you and your beloved photography as well,

here is where the HassyPB stories begin!!

Why "HassyPB" named?

It's a fascinate from photography works and my beloved niece, Patnaree Baibua [ P_B_ ]

   Over 10 years ago, the Fuji FP100C that could be used in the Hasselblad Polaroid back was discontinued. Since then, the instant film back and my passion were stored in cabinets leaving a void within. The 120 roll film backs and digital backs for Hasselblad offer great results for both, amateurs and professionals. But, they cannot replace the touch that instant photos provided. My team and I reminisced the wonderful moments we used to experience with the Polaroid instant shots we used to take. We decided to reignite our passion and after about 30 prototypes iterations, we created the HassyPB. At first glance, you may think that the PB stands for Polaroid Back. But, that is not the real meaning. PB is my niece's nickname, a genius girl, Patnaree Baibua [PB] so glad that it's synonyms to Polaroid Back name, I decided to create the endearing name of HassyPB.

John Kasawa, Creator & Founder of HassyPB

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