What’s the different between Hasselblad 500 vs 503 V series?

Last updated: 9 Jan 2024
What’s the different between Hasselblad 500 vs 503 V series?

Whats the different between the Hasselblad 500 vs 503 V series? 

    For beginners who are interested in the Hasselblad may still be confused this
because Hasselblad has produced many models. So should started from the 500c 500cm or the 503cx because it's probably a newer and better model, or jump up to the 501cm or 503cw the flagship?
   I often hear metaphorical questions. to provide information for decision, Because when noticed from the outside exterior, the two series are hardly different. 
   Before we get into the details or differences of the Hasselblad. 
First understand Victor Hasselblad's philosophy and commitment to producing the best cameras in the world.

"A new type of camera, A top-quality, portable camera, A camera that would fit in his hand [Victor Hasselblad had very small hands]

Before becoming the Hasselblad 500 V series, a famous American photography magazine at the time, 
The American Magazine of Modern Photography, was responsible for testing it. Traveling across the America with over 500 rolls of film to photograph, along with two accidental and unplanned drops from heights, the camera was badly damaged.
But it was still able to continue shooting incredible photos until the end of the test trip. 
From the test report, 6,000 images have higher clarity than the 1600F. Shadow detail is better, flare is reduced. 
The camera is more durable than the previous model. Changing lenses or magazine film It's more convenient and faster to do. 
The camera fits comfortably in the hand and is lightweight, making it easier to work with than the other brands of cameras. 
To be clearly, the birth of Hasselblad 1000F marks a new phenomenon in the photography industry.

So, what is the difference between Hasselblad 500 vs 503 series? 

HASSELBLAD 500 From now on, the Hasselblad 500C will be the prototype and will be separated into  two series, the 501 and 503 Series as in this example

500C >> 500CM>>501C>>501CM


** 503 series, the difference from 500 that is quite obvious is the TTL/OTF [Through The Lens / Off The Film] system that is included in the 503CX 503CXi 503CW but is not available in the 500cm 501c and 501cm 
Other components or other design, the 503 series is similar in almost every way to the 500, 501c, or 501cm. 
The TTL flash system was developed for photojournalists and wedding photographers who need to use an external flash on their camera. 
Such as a flash with a handle or third party brands to take portraits or capture the important events and atmosphere by fill in flash to subjects, 
which is very necessary in creating photos. 
The 503CX has a TTL/OTF flash system [Through The Lens / Off The Film]  that later on it was developed into the 503CXi and 503CW models, adding a Motor winder to drive the film automatically.

   The final developed of the 503cw model with the same structure as the 501cm, the only  different is the 501cm does not have a TTL Flash system. 

** 500 series 500CM was developed to 501C and 501CM, which is a flagship models of Hasselblad without TTL flash system. 

When two models of cameras were produced separately, the 501CM / 503CW has undergone many developments and changes, such as changing from a simple mirror system in the previous model to a GMS

*** [Gliding Mirror Systems] to increase the length of the reflecting mirror to reduce vignette [dark edges that are visible from the edges of the Focusing screen but do not affect the captured image]

*** To absorb the shock of the mirror after it bounces up. 

*** The Acute matte focusing screen D type that is very bright and easy to focus is a standard equipment attached to the camera. 

(Characteristics of Acute Matt screen D type, easily observed the edge of the screen has 2 notches) 

As for the Acute Matt Screen type screen [not D type] there are no 2 notches. 

The Acute Matt screen is produced and sold separately to upgrade previously produced models such as the 500cm 503cx 500ELM 500ELX 553ELX that are still Bright screen or standard screen to use a brighter screen. 

As for Acute Matt Screen D type, the screen has these 2 notches and if you found it sold separately, Its possible that they may have been swapped out to be sold separately 

Because normally the Acute Matt Screen D type is only produced equal to the number of 501cm or 503cw cameras, not overproduced to sell to upgrade previous camera models. 

For beginners with Hasselblad and Medium Format Camera, which is completely new..
It is a new matter to learn, from how to holding the camera in the right way, films loading, measuring the light, starting to compose images from a square frame, etc. 
But hope all of these are not too difficult to learn.. 

John K. HassyPB creator and founder 

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