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HassyPBii specs for Kiev88 Salyut
2nd Generation HassyPB Instax Film back.
* Hasselblad/Kiev V mount film back type
* Reduced the shifting focus distance required at fast apertures (below f8)
* No focus shifting required on f-stops f8 f11 f16 and f22 [Improvement from the previous model only f16 and f22]
* Compatible with Kiev88 Salyut
* Improved the attachment to the 500c model and the 200 models
* Realignment of the borders for more symmetry and reduced black framing
* Fast and versatile attachment to the camera that mounted with prism finders attached
* No other accessories or bundle needed
* Can be focused to infinity
* Available in Matt Black
* The lower white tab on the instant photos as familiar will be coming with the new model soon
* [User guidelines instruction sheet comes with the box]
* Supported the Instax square, Instax square black and white [6.2cm x 6.2cm full frame instant photos, 800 ISO]
* Auto film ejection [2xCR2 3V is needed but the batteries is not supplied for overseas shipment]
* Dimension : W x L x H, 4.5 x 5 x 1.5
* Weight : Approximately. 450g [2xCR2 batteries not included]

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