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Classic Chrome Orange $395]

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HassyPB in Classic Chrome Orange design for Hasselblad camera $395]
14,500 THB
14,500 THB

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Classic Chrome Orange

HassyPBiii [Mark3] instant film back for Hasselblad V mount cameras
The product create and design as premium as the Hasselblad professional cameras 
"Premium quality to creativity beyond" this is our philosophy

[Please convert 14,100 Thai Bath to $390 when going to complete a payment] 

Whats new on the HassyPB mark 3

1, Steel Carbon/Aluminum made to make the PB backs more stronger and durable than other material [Tested and proved] 

2, Ejects instant upward with motorized [To anti stain on instant photos and for smoother ejection] Instant white strip frame is underneath**

3, Smooth attachment to the Hasselblad bodies with ergonomic design, unify, sleek, nice, elegant looks and functionality also come with cool package design 

4, Prevents light leaking into the instant film more effectively when shooting in sunny or open shade, much better than the previous models 

5, Prevents removing the dark slide off from the PBiii back with safety lock, when you carelessly or accidentally pull it out 

6, On-Off power button to save the energy and to prevents the batteries leakage. 

7, All of these are in affordable price for friends to create and inspire beyond

** Screen spacer compatible with 500cm 501c 501cm 503cx 503cxi 503cw 

** Compatible with 2000fc 2000fcm 2000fcw 2003fcw and 201F models 

** Compatible with all 500ELxx motorized series ** another world first

** [The 500c 500EL or 200 camera series bodies doesnt practical with the focusing screen spacer] 

    The PBiii can be used but the f-numbers recommended are from f8 f11 f16 f22 or so.. Just nailed focus then shooting to get sharp in focused with the best result photos 

** Accept prism finders, PM45, PME45, PME51, PME3, PM45, PME45 blue line  [Excluded the PM90/PME90 and NC2] [Fast attachment or remove to ejecting the instant] 

** Available in 2 colors, PB Matt Black and PB inspire orange ** White Andaman pearl collectors choice color limited edition only 9 units made 

**  With film counter window, with dark slide holder ** another world first 

** With dark slide removal protection [Cant remove dark slide off when the PBiii unmounted with cameras bodies ** Another world first for Hasselblad by HassyPB 

* Supported only any Instax square types 

Note please ** DURACELL battery  doesnt recommended 

National Panasonic, Energizer, or GP are the best for HassyPB 

* Two pieces CR2 3V battery type required but is not supplied for overseas shipment/airlines safety policy 

* Dimension : W x L x H, 4.5 x 5 x 1.2 

* Weight : Approximately 560g 

** Does not support H series yet 

* The SWC or 900 series, ArcBody, FlexBody please support new model at KickStarter project in 2024-2025

Tips for the best result on HassyPB mark 3  **

**** Without screen spacer can be focus from any distance to infinity, 

for best result the f-numbers recommended to use from f8 f11 f16 f22 or so.

if the lower f-numbers needed to be uses such as f5.6 f4 f2.8 or f2 the screen spacer is needed 

[include as accessories that comes with the package] 

[With screen spacer at f5.6 f4 or f2.8 can find subjects in focused clear and sharp that recommended to

use to shooting on your purposes that closer to the subjects] 

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